About me

My name is Zoltán Horváth. I've been working in the Tourism Industry for 27 years. I'm a licensed professional tour guide providing tailor-made tours for individual guests.

Before I became a freelancer I used to work for the Hotel Marriott and the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel as their private guide.

Most of the time I work as a driver guide organizing private sightseeing tours and trips to the country side. I also provide transfers to and from the major cities in the surrounding countries. I drive an air-conditioned minivan (with panoramic roof, comfortable for 1-6 passengers).

My service is always flexible and personalized to suit to your interest. You can describe your requests and preferences and the tour/trip will be tailored to them based on my extensive knowledge and experience.

I'm aware how important empathy and discretion are in this business. I can assure you that I will meet your requirements.

For individual travellers, a private guide is generally a much better option than the long drawn-out and often boring bus tours. A private tour gives you a real personal experience. It is possible to stop anywhere, anytime upon request. Communication with the guide is easy - not like in a bus.

My mission is to make your stay in Hungary enjoyable, memorable and unforgettable. During your tour I'm your personal host and you will feel as if you are being escorted around the city/country by a friend.

I'm more than happy to help organizing programs for groups as well!

Zoltán Horváth
Your personal tour guide in Budapest & Hungary



  • Budapest Tour
    Royal Palace in the Castle District
  • Puszta Tour
    Hungarian cowboy with his horse
  • Tokaj Tour
    Tokaji Asz˙: excellent sweet dessert-wine
  • Danube Bend Tour
    Main Square of Szentendre
  • Budapest Tour
    The Fischermen's Bastion
  • Lake Balaton Tour
    Handmade painting in the porcelain factory
  • Budapest Tour
    Hungarian Parliament and the Danube

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